Daily report

Well, it has been quite awhile since my last post. There are a couple of reasons here. For one thing, I was really busy with courses and projects. ASL project, especially, took me around two weeks to finish it. Anyway, today I was thinking maybe opening a video blog would not be a bad idea. First, because of its more interactive nature, it helps me to get more involve in blogging. Each night I can record my video, saying about myself and make my own life log. Practicing speaking in practice is another plus. I however, guess that I have not enough time to begin this. Taking into consideration that my knowledge of the language is not good enough to take my training to the next level, I’ll probably spend more time on writing blog posts.
Last Friday there was a party called fundo(or something like that, I don’t exactly remember the name). We were served with some Swiss cheese, which seemed pretty strong for my taste. I sit on a table with Alex, Yo, Petar, Adiya and Matthias. Alex is an American guy, who has the xml class like me, and I found him pretty funny. I bet If I could convey what I mean, we would make a great team. Yo came from Taiwan, but lived in Europe for two years. His English is unbelievably good.
These days I’m trying to set aside more on playing harmonica, and fortunately I’ve been succeeding to bring it to my daily life. Now I play 1 hour and a half each day on average.
Our internet connection is dead, so I’m going to publish this post tomorrow.

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Frank owners will go to heaven.

Two days in a row, and I have not even a frank in my pockets. Two days in a row, Tahmineh has invited me to have lunch in Uni, and unfortunately they don’t accept these vouchers that we have been given instead of the renovation process in our building. I have some Euros and Dollars, but they are not a great help here in Zurich. All I could do is to borrow some money from Tahmineh. But the problem is that not only my “sensitive masculine pride” has been hurt, but also now I have to go change my money as soon as possible to return what she lent to me.

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Kazakhstan, China, Whatever !

Today after getting up from bed, I went to the registration office and handed in my bachelor diploma and transcript to the officer. I wish I had made some copy from the original documents but I couldn’t find any copy machine.

After that I went to the Mensa. When I arrived, Its special menu had been finished so I had to wait in the line of fish food. Afterward, I went to CAB to take part in the meeting. contrary to my thoughts, the girl was from Kazakhstan, not china. We had been discussing the project until Adiya went to doctor for her arm was in pain. We arranged another meeting on Sunday 2pm. Now I’m working on the project to see how we should use socket programming.

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First snorings in class time

Well, not that I fell asleep during the lecture, I was at home when Prof. Kossmann was in the middle of grouping the students for their project. Now I have to send some Emails to the assistant of the course begging for not putting me in a random group, because we had some talk with Peter regarding this issue.

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A day with real courses

Yesterday, The courses were officially started. First, at 9, I had Information Retrieval with Prof. Kossmann. He is very lovely, modest and kind. In this course we will learn how to extract information from documents. I don’t want to go into detail, but for an overview I have to say that we will be able to design another Google. Unfortunately databases are not great helps here, because they suck when dealing with unstructured contents.

My PhD friend Tahmineh has also taken this course and I met her after the 15-minute break. She told me she would arrange an event to introduce me to other Iranian ETH students. Unlike Kaveh, she seems to enjoy hanging out with them.

As I had classes yesterday and wasn’t at home, I didn’t receive the parcel I was expecting from Iran. Now I made some call and apparently they are now in their way to deliver it.

Another news, I made a new friend named Peter. He is Bulgarian. We met at this computer lab, while he had some problems with course selection. We arranged that we would be teammates for common courses, good for me, as somehow this teammate problem had been a concern for me.

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