Hero and Crowd: Story of a conflict

1. Superhuman rises from crowd. It is as if she is the juice of all experiences and lessons they’ve learned from the cruel, harsh world. Funnily enough, superhuman doesn’t fit in crowd, and crowd doesn’t seem to have a place for her. They reject her.

2. Superhuman is way further than his society. It is predictable that not only  “Inertia” of crowd makes them “stay” where they are, but also they force superhuman to think “inside” the box.

3. Superhuman finally paves his way through the leadership. Crowd finally learns to respect those differences, as they come from her superiority. But the question remains there: have they really learned their lessons?

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First using of real trains in Zurich

There was an excursion yesterday which was arranged by Excellence scholarship office of the university. We were told by Email to come to the main station at a specific time and from there start our little trip. I hadn’t read the Email very carefully so I kind of forgot where it was. After I found out about the place, I took Polybahn (one of the most interesting transportation vehicles in the whole Zurich, I will definitely write about that in one post later) and fortunately could make it on time.  When I got there, there was around 20 students and 3 coordinators waiting for others to join. I knew two of them for they live in the same apartment as me, one of them is an Indian guy and the other came from china, I guess. However, as I knew nobody else, I started to chat with my Indian friend. After awhile,  we met this Egyptian guy named Ahmad, who was in his third semester, which was contrary to what I was thinking that all of us are studying our first semester. Apparently, everyone who has gotten the excellence scholarship, no matter of which year, came to this excursion. I then met this Greek guy,which by the way his name speaks for itself that he is Greek, and he became my ‘partner’ during the trip. We almost talked about everything, from courses and the university, to the meaning of our names in our languages. But most of our time dedicated to talk about politics. He knew that Iran has stuck in its problem and I knew that Greece has encountered some serious financial crisis. I told him about the presidency election story, and how the goverment and green movement are facing each other, and how election system works in Iran. It was there that I realized how difficult it is to explain some concepts and relations which you think are obvious, but they are not. For example how the supreme leader interacts with the parlemant, and how he influences on presidency candidates selection. By the way, It was my first time that I was using their train.

When we got there, they were some card with our names on them, and we had to wear them in order to show that we are visitors. We were given a lecture for about half an hour and then our little excursion began. Honestly one hour after I got bored because the subject did not interest me at all. It was about chemistry and pipes and poly-blah blah blah. But one of the part made me a little excited. They told us that they produce  some chemicals for BMW and some other well-know car brands, and they use these materials in the door and generally in the car skeleton to become hit tolerant. We were then showed an experiment with one big and heavy hammer and this chemical to see to what extent it resists the crash.

We were visiting other places for 2-3 hours and then it came to my favorite part, food 🙂 Water, some wines, little sandwiches and some chips had been provided.

After we finished with our scientific excursion, we came back to Zurich and had a lovely dinner at one of those classic-style restaurants which you have may seen in European movies. while eating, I had a heated conversation, or let me call it a dispute, with Ahmad about whether it is such a good idea to build the constitution on a religion’s teachings or not. He believed that they are some unanimous facts about Islam and prophet Mohammad, which every Islamic nation agree on, and one could build an utopia with such constitution. But I didn’t think so. However, I found that little conversation so enjoying.

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