Hero and Crowd: Story of a conflict

1. Superhuman rises from crowd. It is as if she is the juice of all experiences and lessons they’ve learned from the cruel, harsh world. Funnily enough, superhuman doesn’t fit in crowd, and crowd doesn’t seem to have a place for her. They reject her.

2. Superhuman is way further than his society. It is predictable that not only  “Inertia” of crowd makes them “stay” where they are, but also they force superhuman to think “inside” the box.

3. Superhuman finally paves his way through the leadership. Crowd finally learns to respect those differences, as they come from her superiority. But the question remains there: have they really learned their lessons?

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  1. So true! I’m happy that I found you 🙂

    • Hehe, thank you for dragging me here, to this ancient blog post 🙂

      By the way, next time remind me to give you my main weblog. Take care.

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