Night post – feel like dancing

First. I feel obliged to express my sorrow for myself, for I have not written a post in days, as I made a promise before. I will try again.

Second, and most importantly, I am now living one of those moments in life where I feel something happening around me, those moments when I find myself soaked in dreams, goals, happiness and life. Those moments of awareness. I can’t describe it if you don’t have an idea what the heck I am talking about.

They story began when I was reading my daily quota of Google Reader, one of the most popular Google products where you would be able to follow blogs and friends, leave comments, share stuff and so on. I was scrolling and scrolling, reading the posts which had something to attract my attention. If you have ever done this, you probably know that after awhile, you start to get kind of bored, then you speed up your scrolling so you can make the unread items number zero, and that makes you even more bored. Anyway,  tonight I was evidently very fortunate to open my reader.

At the same time I was skipping items and searching for something worth a look, there was something growing inside of me, I don’t know what that was, maybe some unconscious feelings, telling me “Why are you doing this?”. At first I neglected it, but It was becoming louder : “Why”. Believe me, It was so strange and also is now. I felt this energy inside of me which I can do anything, and I just don’t. Everything that is a value in my life and I have been skipped over them, came to my mind, and the question was strengthening, “Why are you not doing these”. Music, friends, happiness, street walking at nights, all these came to me, and I wondered why I haven’t seen them so far, This is who I am, or at least assume who I am, and I’ve been making live a life I’ve not been created for.

I know what I said above does not make a sense at all. I was just so excited that I needed to write about this. All I hope is that this feeling don’t leave me soon.

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