King of nothing*

Today, at information Retrieval class, Donald Kossman, my most favorite professor so far, was lecturing about how it would be different if we lived in middle ages. He came up with this controversial question : “Would you rather to live back in hundred years ago?”, and as he always do, he actually asked the question and waited for responses from students.

There was nobody whose answer was yes. All, including Donald, stated that they prefer to stay where they already are. But the real question was showed up when he asked about the reason. nobody could answer it persuading. The idea of writing this post came to me when Donald explained his reason. Let me go more into that.

He continued that in past, the “significance” and “potentials” criteria of a person was a direct factor of his/her birth conditions, meaning that when somebody was born in a royal family, his destination and future was defined to a very good extent. Putting it in other words, there was only dimension which was defining an abstract of a person and his upcoming life. A king’s child was probably going to have a more promising future rather than a usual worker family’s child. He was probably much happier that the latter one.

He added that in contrary to past, today the success factor of a person is more likely a higher dimensional variable. Compared to previous example, a typical person from a typical family has more power over what he is going to be.


* – A song by Metallica
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