Long time no post. No post no progress.

It has been two weeks, I guess, since my last post. I can blame anything causing this. Basically I have been taking this writing so seriously, and not in the good way. For example since I wasn’t sure about some combination of words, as usually happens to every language learner, each time I wanted to publish a post, I was searching for like an hour to send an article which contains the least amount of grammatical and linguistic errors. Furthermore, I was waiting for some funny or “special” occasions or stories to shows up. I wanted my posts to become more than some regular, daily storytelling.

Both of these excuses were not meant to play a prominent role in my writing decision when I decided to open this place. I just wanted a shelter for my words, where I can have access to anytime I want. As I wrote in my first post, the most important responsibility of this weblog is to enhance my proficiency in English.

So from now on, I am going to write “as much as” I can. To make it a frequent activity, I promise myself that each day two days I will come up with at least one post. And I promise myself that I won’t do error-proof my writings. After I publish them, I may have a lot of time to see where I have made mistakes. It seems even better, because it helps me to remember where I have the most problem. Therefore, I can get best out of this blog.

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  1. I will come up with at least one post

    I’m not sure about this. because usually :
    someone comes up with a satisfactory solution
    Did you come up with this idea?

  2. Therefore, I can get best out of this blog.

    Therefore, I can get the best out of this blog.

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