Hahaha, not that funny!

I believe that people behave differently when speaking different languages. This difference shows itself in characteristics, popularity and in general in the person you are trying to know and communicate with.  assume that you travel to a country where your knowledge of the local spoken language is dramatically low. You would be able to communicate and socialize with the locals, but when it comes to friendship, you would not be able to express yourself as you express in your hometown. So from the perspective of a local, you would not look as funny as you really are, and as friendly as you used to be. After a while, you would used to your new characteristics, unless you try to delve deeper in the language and find ways to convey what you have in your mind. It is very typical that someone is hilarious in his native language, but becomes more serious in a non-native environment.

So a recommendation would be not to judge foreigners or you would never have a chance to know their reals.

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Kazakhstan, China, Whatever !

Today after getting up from bed, I went to the registration office and handed in my bachelor diploma and transcript to the officer. I wish I had made some copy from the original documents but I couldn’t find any copy machine.

After that I went to the Mensa. When I arrived, Its special menu had been finished so I had to wait in the line of fish food. Afterward, I went to CAB to take part in the meeting. contrary to my thoughts, the girl was from Kazakhstan, not china. We had been discussing the project until Adiya went to doctor for her arm was in pain. We arranged another meeting on Sunday 2pm. Now I’m working on the project to see how we should use socket programming.

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First snorings in class time

Well, not that I fell asleep during the lecture, I was at home when Prof. Kossmann was in the middle of grouping the students for their project. Now I have to send some Emails to the assistant of the course begging for not putting me in a random group, because we had some talk with Peter regarding this issue.

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A day with real courses

Yesterday, The courses were officially started. First, at 9, I had Information Retrieval with Prof. Kossmann. He is very lovely, modest and kind. In this course we will learn how to extract information from documents. I don’t want to go into detail, but for an overview I have to say that we will be able to design another Google. Unfortunately databases are not great helps here, because they suck when dealing with unstructured contents.

My PhD friend Tahmineh has also taken this course and I met her after the 15-minute break. She told me she would arrange an event to introduce me to other Iranian ETH students. Unlike Kaveh, she seems to enjoy hanging out with them.

As I had classes yesterday and wasn’t at home, I didn’t receive the parcel I was expecting from Iran. Now I made some call and apparently they are now in their way to deliver it.

Another news, I made a new friend named Peter. He is Bulgarian. We met at this computer lab, while he had some problems with course selection. We arranged that we would be teammates for common courses, good for me, as somehow this teammate problem had been a concern for me.

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me, Welcome !

Actually I have started this blog in order to accomplish two tasks:

1- to make a home for my diaries during my study in ETH Zurich University.

2- To improve my language so I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.

About the second one, you know these days have been to some degree hard for me. And I believe that limited proficiency in speaking English is one of the causes. I have to make it better and actually I am sure I can.

I will write about almost everything, from my professors to stories happen to me in  Zurich. So honestly I don’t think there is anything here for you, if there is a ‘you’.

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